Saturday, 12 May 2012

Aloo achar

Aloo achar is a type of pickle made with potatoes. Pickle is an integral part of Nepali cuisine with lot of variations which consists of different flavour, textures and ingredients, depending on where/when it is served.

Momo achar


MOMO Achar is a dip-sauce that is specifically served with momo.

Lentil Soup (Dal)

Dal, which is also known as lentil soup in the Western world is commonly served with rice in Nepal. It is one of the main components of Nepal's national food, Dal Bhat.


Samosa is a well-known appetizer in Nepal and India. It is made up of curried potato and peas filled into pastries which is deep fried until crispy. A green-spicy chutney is usually served alongside the somasa. Yum!

Gorkhali Shrimp Chili

Gorkhali Shrimp Chili is made with spiced-up grilled shrimp sautéed in chilies.

Pahari Machha (Fish)

Pahari Machha is a dish consisting of seafood prepared in the mountainous region of Himalaya. The main ingredient used for this dish is Trouts.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Lamb/Chicken/Pork Thukpa

Lamb Thukpa is a variation of noodles-soup popular in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. It is made up of rice noodles submerged in a Himalayan soup base with meat added on top. For this recipe, grilled lamb slices are used as toppings.

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