Ingredient Translation

Achar - Another name for chutney or pickle.

Methi - Fenugreek seeds.

Dhaniya - Coriander.

Chutney - Another name for aachar or pickle.

Jeera - Mustard seeds.

Timur - Sichuan pepper.

Til - Sesame seeds.

Besar - Turmeric.

Mohi - Fermented milk drink made from cultured buttermilk with a characteristic sour taste.

Dahi - Yogurt or curd.

Luang - Clove.

Sukmel - Cardamom.

Dal chinni - Cinnamon.

Tejpat - Bay leaf.

Alainchi - Black cardamom.

Jaifal - Nutmet.

Saipatri - Mace, made with outer coating of nutmeg.

Jwano - Also known as ajowan, bishop's weed and Trachyspermum ammi.

Aduwa - Ginger.

Jimbu - Himalayan aromatic leaf garlic

Maccha - Fish.

Khashi - Goat.

Kukhura - Chicken.

Gai - Cow.

Rango - Male Buffalo.

Bangoor - Pig.

Pahari - Mountain region.

Dal - Lentil soup.

Bhaat - Rice.

Marich - Black pepper.

Tarkari - Dish served along with rice.

Aato - Cornflour.

Dhendo - Also known as Khodo or Millet powder.

Sakarkhanna - Sweet potato.

Roti - Flat bread.

Bhutwa - Fried.

Pyaaz - Onion.

Lasun - Garlic.

Beyhuti - Cow milk extracted within 2-3 days of post-pregnancy and boiled to make solid.

Kurouni - Milk boiled until solid and a little sugar is added for sweetness.
How Is Milk Curd Formed?

Suji - Samolina.

Khir - Rice Pudding.

Haluwa - Sweet appetizer usually made with carrots.

Chukauni - A style of making achar with enhanced yogurt-y flavour.

Paneer - Fresh cheese.


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